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Downgrade i am 2.0 to i am 1.0

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I don’t know about you, but after updating my operating system i became disappointed with the new i am 2.0. I had great expectations that it would be a better i am, but when i ran it, i realized that my friends were gone, as well as several other features of the real world.

The intention was good, but i’d rather stay with i am 1.0. Since in my mind i’m not the only one to think like that, i created this post to help those who also want to downgrade to 1.0 and go back to the times table’s days.

If you are like me, you need to detach happiness from upgrade’s results through the getting worse by yourself. Further on this: do the personal downgrade.

Getting better from a flu, we can understand, but i don’t think you’re sick.

First uninstall i am 2.0.

Now download packages available at my server


Set them up in the presented order due to dependencies.

Make sure that the reinstalled i am 1.0 is protected against updates, just type the command:

go daheo damn upgrade

Conection between Personal Coherence and Social Manipulation is scientifically comproved

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Scientists have found an area in the brain where self-counteractive behaviors are originated and they say it is healthy.

For the first time in the history of the Western Medicine, a scientific thesis defends personal disobedience, that is, when we counteract our own desire and programming, when we counteract that type of desire and programming we want to follow.

This small area, once activated, dislocates the conscience field to another area apparently uncontrolled.

According to the neurologist and researcher Livia Nagasaki the frequency of such throes of activity in this area is as higher as the amount of coercion of authoritarian systems that the individual lends to control him/herself, that old story of keeping your nose to the grindstone.

She emphasizes that a characteristic of this phenomenon is its random appearance. However it also can be done voluntarily and consciously in a small scale, since it is not tied to a new methodology. That is, change is not to shift rigidity for a different rigidity. To be in disagreement with your own convictions and patterns of personal excellence makes of you an unpredictable and incoherently flexible person.

The specialist recommends the judicious adoption of new habits, which she believes must be quarantined while suspected in relation to their safety, in order not to change soup for poison. Still according to her, routines must be intentionally broken daily, in accordance with your level of rigidity and illusion of recompense. It is better if you accept that some things never change, no matter your commitment, even so keep trying honestly. It can be that one day you completely heal your wounds, but not with the structured manner that you think, with the superhero psychology without recurrence, says the wise scientist.

She suggests not feed false hopes. Lets be reasonable: your problems will not disappear with more discipline neither with voice commands and you will be disappointed in proportion to time, energy and money wasted with the placebo. The practice of any activities with further objectives beyond the direct benefits of the practice itself is an appealing distortion of the connection between cause and effects and is just useful to sell products and services, she ties up loose ends.

Method No Preparation

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Now You can.
Because automatic replacement for good is real.
Automatic replacement over your habits, over you actions, overall.
Just Be, Your Better You, Instantaneous.
No preparation, no solid work, nothing at all.

Less pendencies and maintenance


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Cleaning of Truth

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I am making a cleaning,

not of the things,

but of my own life.

Putting outside all that is

not absolutely essential.

Like this maybe


a p p e a r

for the love to enter

in a type of heavy cleaning.